About Us

The Pennsylvania Coalition To End School Shootings (PCTESS) is a non-profit membership organization that brings together students, teachers, school administrators, individual rights advocates, lawmakers, law enforcement, mental health professionals and the community at-large for the express purpose of ending school shootings.

There are many very qualified people who claim to have a solution, but those that we have seen typcially address only one aspect or another of this extraordinarily complex issue. Where we differ is that we are formalizing a comprehensive solution that includes all of the stakeholders mentioned above, all working together, each knowing their specific roles and responsibilities, so that no potential shooter “falls through the cracks” or is simply ignored by those who should be taking action.

You can help by simply becoming a member. Dues is just $15 for three years. How does this help? Well imagine if PCTESS leadership went to Washington DC to meet with lawmakers asking them to pass a specific law and we represented just 1 or 2 people. We wouldn’t get very far, for sure. But if we represent 50,000 people we’ve got their attention.

The fact is that only large, well-funded organizations can make things happen when it comes to moving government and changing society.

Please join today...